Dana hits Copenhagen

Pop superstar Dana international has just landed in Denmark to take part in "Congratulations", the special ESC 50th anniversary TV show. Dana's fans and the denish press are coming out in full force at the airport for miss diva. during the afternoon rehearsals that the spirit of Eurovision first came alive in the venue. The dancers and orchestra rehearsed all-time classics like "Volare", "Hold Me Now", "Save Your Kisses For Me" and "Diva", performed by a real diva, who has now confirmed her participation in the show - Dana International. The dancers use accessories that are unique to each song: for "Diva", white feathers. Dressed in a black leather cat suit with enormous Dior glasses, Dana International looks absolutely amazing. After rehearsing "Diva", she took the time to give an interview for the Eurovision web site { }. So, Dana -- which dress can we expect from you tomorrow night?

Dana International: It will be a fabulous dress - designed once again by Jean-Paul Gaultier, my lucky star. Trust me, it will be a very conservative outfit [rolling her eyes ironically]. Do you have a favourite Eurovision song?

Dana International: There are such a lot of good songs. I think I would go back to 1973 to Anne-Marie David from Luxemburg. And if you had to vote tomorrow night, which one of the 14 would you choose?

Dana International: Well, I could vote for my own one here from Denmark [laughs]. But it's not that important to me who wins. It's great that "Diva" was chosen and I'm delighted to be here. Personally, I think Abba should win. But one never knows what the voters at home will decide. Did you see this year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest from Ukraine?

Dana International: Sure, I was in Ukraine. I saw Helena from Greece win. And trust me, I liked all the songs.

[A question from a nearby Turkish journalist]: How did you like Sertaba_Ts winning entry?

Dana International: [starts singing] "Everyway that I can ". I love that song and it was a very, very big hit in Israel. I met her before and she is very nice. Give my best wishes to Turkey.

[Another journalist asks Dana if she thinks she'll have a chance of winning.]

Dana International: You see, there are two answers to give - what I think personally and what I think officially. I'll give you both. First of all, as I said, it's not important to win. My song was chosen by the population of Europe and there are other very nice songs and wonderful performances which will make it difficult. But these songs are already winners. What makes it more tricky is that four wild cards were brought in. I actually don't know who will vote. I think it'll be a question of size - of the size of countries.

Dana International leaves, waving to the press and saying goodbye in Italian: "Arrivederci!"

Copenhagen, Eurovision - 21.10.2005