: Dudu Barak

I have chocolate in my eyes
Marmalade on my lips
Strawberries and mocka between my breasts
There's cherry too
He discovered I was a virgin

Raspberry syrup on my vest
Pure honey on my thighs
Come lick me for a while
Only the cherry
Don't touch, I'm a virgin!

A virgin rising from the sea
A virgin ascending to heaven
If you take me in your hands
Take me lightly
No earrings and no chain around my neck
Virgin in head and ear
I don't make scandals and poses
Such is a virgin

Mommy doesn't allow me to be with men
She's on guard every night
Mom, it's now or never
He discovered a long time ago
That I'm almost a virgin

I'm happy and don't give a damn
I drum and float in the air
I fly and I'm not tired
So soft
Don't touch! He almost touched

I go walking ahead in the street
With an endless cleavage
All the cheeky men
Are now dreaming of oranges
Don't touch! Am I a virgin?

I'm going around looking
Passionately by night
I'll suggest him a honeymoon
It's a terrible situation, I just don't understand
How old and disgusting he is
I'm going around looking not knowing what to do
All men are going from hunt to hunt
Only one thing on their mind
I want to marry someone
An old millionaire
Who will pamper me
He wants to live with me
I want to know
And I want to touch
I'm still waiting and I don't understand
I don't get a moment's rest
La la, without a word
Take me, I'm a virgin


Shokolada li ba eynayim
Marmelada al hasaftayim
Tut u moka ben hashadayim
Yesh gam duvdevan
Hu gila ani betula

Sirop petel al hamutnayim
Dvash tahor al hayerekhayim
Bo la kek oti beynatayim
Rak ba duvdevan
Al tiga ani betula

Betula ola min hamayim
Betula ola lashamayim
Im terum oti beyadayim
Kakh oti kala

Bli agil uvli mekharozet
Betula barosh uva ozen
Lo osa skandalim vepoze
Kakha betula

Mammi lo marsha li im gever
Sama li mishmar mi kol ever
Imaleh, it's now or never
Hu mizman gila
She ani kim'at betula

Metseftsefet umekayyefet
Metofefet umerakhefet
Mitofefet lo mitayyefet
Kol kakh anuga
Al tiga hu kim'at niga

Holekhet li barkhov
Kakh im makhshof she en lu sof
Kol hagvarim hano'azim
Kholmim akhshav al tapuzim
Al tiga ani betula.