The love story of Chas and Chalila

: Ehud Manor
: Shai Lahav

Chas loved Chalila
And Chalila loved Chas
But she hadnOt started to live
While he bit his nails

Chas dreamt of Chalila
And Chalila only dreamt of Chas
But he was a little afraid to tell her
And she was also a little bashful

Chas and Chalila
Chalila and Chas
Afraid someone would lose his temper
Chas and Chalila
Chalila and Chas
Such a long story of mistakes

Chas approached Chalila
And Chalila got closer to Chas
But she lowered her eyes
While he remained polite

Chas lost Chalila
And Chalila didn't win Chas
Another hour, another year was no help
And the one who understands still does

Sipur Ahavtem Shel Chas We-Chalita

Chas ahav et Chalila
We-Chalila ahava et Chas
Aval hi ba-chayyim lo hitchila
We-hu zipurnayim kasas

Chas chalam al Chalila
We-Chalila raq chalma al Chas
Aval hu kzat pachad le-hagid la
We-hi hitbayesha ki sse gas

Chas we-Chalila
Chalila we-Chas
Pochadim she-mishehu yikh'as
Chas we-Chalila
Chalila we-Chas
Sipur kol-kakh arokh u-mispuspas

Chas nigash el Chalila
We-Chalila hitqarva el Chas
Aval hi et eyneha hishpila
We-hu raq nish'ar menumas

Chas hifsid et Chalila
We-Chalila lo ssakhta be-Chas
Od sha'a, od shana lo ho'ila
U-mi she-tapas kvar tapas