Tease me

: L. Oianu
: D. Kreuger, J. Elofsson, C. Carlsson and N. Olavsson

You, you think you're so amazing
You, you think you know it all
Now I guess the time has come for a wake-up call
I'll tell you when whenever I'm ready
I'll tell you when
Just let go, succumb to your desire

Tease me, tease me
Got to take it easy, easy
If you come too close you'll burn
So don't mess with my heart
Tease me, tease me
If you want to please me, please me
You don't get a second chance
To get into my life

You, you think I can't resist you
You, you're sure to have it all
Now I guess the time has come to take a fall
You know, I'll let you know when I want to see you
I'll let you know
Just be there when I light a fire

Tease me, tease me...

Why? We used to be together
Why? We used to be in love
Why? But why?

Tease me, tease me...