The crying game

: Ehud Manor

What the eyes are seeing now
It's not always the truth
The old riddle has not yet been solved
And the discovery is hidden inside

So, you should always expect surprises
You're in wonderland like everyone else
And anyone can be wrong, man
You're only a pawn in the crying game

What has happened is what will happen
You should listen to it before you shoot
Neither the parent, nor the teacher
Like it seemed, God wanted it this way

What you saw, you wanted so much
Like you saw, you were terribly wrong

Mishkhak ha dmaot

Ma shelo'ot ha eynayim ka'et
Zot lo tamid ha emet
Ktab hakhida yayasham lo niptar
Vehagaluy hu be'etsem nistar

Az tsape lahafta'ot le olam
Ata ve erets hapla'ot kmo kulam
Vekhol ekhar yakhol lit'ot ben'adam
Ata rak khelek mi mishkhak ha dmaot
Ma shekara hu sheykre
Shma'ot lifney she ata yore
Lo ha hore lo hamore
Kakha natsa kavire havore

Ma shere'ita ratsita me'od
Kmo shera'ita ta'ita me'od