In The Ruins Of Love

(Lyrics): Yakov Rotblit
(Music): Yehuda Poliker

Tormented night
Blood flows from the moon
Smell of the sea
Smell of salt

A city lies on her back
Don't say a thing
Love stories die silently

Like the wind is escaping
From the ruins of love
From the ruins of our love

I didn't hear a laughter
After so many crying days
That ripped me apart
And made me go away from you

I came from far away sad
All the roads were for a moment
A pilgrim's sorrow
Towards the ruinsof our love

A night without a dream
Sober like never before
Another star goes down
And there's no hope
What happened suddenly
That your face is so changed
That your eyes see
The ruins of love
The ruins of our love

My heart is also broken
Broken inside of me
My nave heart
Its shatters I brought with me
Displayed for all eyes to see
Will you remember tomorrow?
Forbidden fruit
From a whole basket
And I'm weeping
Between the ruins of love
Between the ruins of our love


Tormented night...

Horavot ha'ahava