Going to Petra


There, the moon sets in red
All the stones sweat blood
I'm going to Petra

There, the body seethes with madness
The hallucinations rise and fly
I'm going to Petra

I will cross a river
And i will return to the desert
Like a wild tiger
A night in the desert
Petra, night, Petra

There Asia borders on space
Her dress is slipping off up in the sky
I'm going to Petra

There, your lips kiss tranquility
Drums of passion are booming
I'm going to Petra

Nosa'at lePetra

Sham shokhev yareakh adamdam
Kol ha slaim betseva dam
Nosa'at lePetra

Sham ha guf roteakh be teruf
Ha hazyot omdot la uf
Nosa'at lePetra

Ekhtse nahar
Vekhzor el hamidbar
Kmo namer habar
Layla bamidbar
Petra layla Petra

Sham nogea'at Asya be khalal
Simlate mufshtet le al al
Nosa'at lePetra

Sham noshkot saftekha le shalva
Holmim tupe htaava
Nosa'at lePetra.