(Lyrics): Eithan Nahmias-Glass
(Music): Eli Abramov

This morning I woke up in heaven feeling embraced
A leaf of fig covered everything it needs
A naked snake whispered to me you're so dangerous
Maybe I can be your guide

This morning I was hanging around in heaven confused
They haven't quite arrange the whole "night" and "day" stuff
The girls here are asking if I'm not dreaming
Anything can happen
Genesis isn't a dream

It was very happy
They still haven't named the sins
What a wonderful world you've created
Until all the people came

This morning they've created a big crocodile and a dinosaur
I thought I'd die
And nobody will save me
Maybe they would keep all the promises they've made
And let me light a normal star

This morning what a joy!
I played "chase"
With a few boys and with a few girls
They don't care to whom I belong
I don't wanna leave
Genesis is just amazing!


This morning came a few angels
And threw me out for good
They said I seduced
Was seduced, what a nave I am!
What a cruel world
He had a winner body
I woke up again alone with tears in my bed...

Chorus x2