: Hanna Goldberg
: Mikiagi

Come to my warm house
Even if I'm not enchanting any more
Your eyes are closed
They can't see me

Come to a quiet corner
From the terrible noise
Rest your head
On my shoulder in the darkness

Come, come
From the ocean of quiet
A long and winding road
Even if you're angry
Don't destroy everything

Come to me now
My arrogance is only my pride
Your eyes are open
They can't see me


Bo leviti hakham
Gam em ein od kesem vi
Eneikh atsumot
Hen lo ro'ot oti
Bo lefina shkata
Min harash hanarah
Hanakh et roshkha
Al ktefi bakhashekha

Bo, Bo,
Miyam hashteka
Derekh ke'ev gadol
Gam im haka'as vekha
Ot taharos hakol

Bo el akhshav
Zohi rak gav oti
Eneikha eivrot
Hen lo ro'ot oti.