(Lyrics): Dana International
(Music): Ziv Goland

It's your birthday
Why is it so sad?
Whatever was then isn't important now

It's looks two days
And it has been a year
You remember how it was
And how everything has changed

It's scary how times goes by very fast
The pain is different but always
Between the coldness and the warmness the heart will find a place
Everything they promised you
Disappeared as if it never happened
You try to think
The good days are yet to come

You have a birthday
Why not to laugh?
The tears of the back then are only a far memory

The fears you had back then seem unclear to you
And the fears of today will replace others


You have a birthday
Have a party
Dance instead of thinking
Take whatever comes
The summer and the fall will come again
You will see how you'll love
Everything begins now

Yom Huledet