Ad sof hazman [Until the end of time]
Alay [Look At Me]
Ani lo yekhola be-l'adekha [I can't do without you]
Ani rotza li-chyot [I want to live]
Arusa [Bride]
At Muchana [You Are Ready]
Ata ha-DJ sheli [You're my DJ]
Ata hores [You are ruining it]
Ba-derekh el ha-chofesh [On the road to freedom]
Bereshit [Genesis]
Betula [Virgin]
Bo [Come]
Churvot Ha'ahava [Ruins Of Love]
Cinque Milla
Danna International
Ding Dong
Don Quixote
Dror Yikra [Freedom will come]
Eifo Halev? [Where Is The Heart?]
Elef Yamim Shel Ahava (Qesher) [A thousand days of love (Connection)]
Fata morgana
Flash Gordon
Good Night Europe
Gotta Move On
Hakol Ze Letova [All is for the best]
Ha-kol yihye warod [Everything will be pink]
Hargasha tova [A good feeling]
I'm gonna let
If you don't love me the way I am
Layla tov, Eropa [Good night, Europe]
La vita e bella
La-qum Ba-Boquer [To get up in the morning]
Lama katavta li shir? [Why did you write me a song?]
Language of Love
Let kiss
Lo Ma'amina [She Doesn't Believe]
Love is all there is
Love Boy
Memagnet [Magnetize]
Mea achuz gever [100% man]
Menafnefet [Waving]
Mi she-lo rotze oti [The one who doesn't want me]
Mi she-lo roked - omed [The one who doesn't dance - stands]
Mishak ha-dma'ot [The crying game]
Mokher Ha-Prachim [The flower vendor]
Nitzachti [I won]
Nosa'at le-Petra [Going to Petra]
Ot mi-shamayim [A sign from heaven]
Qu'est que c'est?
Sa'ida Sultana
Seret Hodi [Indian Film] (with Idan Yaniv)
Sipur ahavtem shel Chas ve-Chalila [The love story of Chas and Chalila]
Shir kdam-shnati / Sex acher [Another kind of sex]
Tease me
Ten Li-Chyot [Let live]
The show must go on
This is the night
We-acherey ha-kol [And after all]
Woman in Love
Yalla Balagan [Come on Chaos]
Yes Sir, I can boogie
Yom Acher [Other Day]
Yom Huledet [Happy Birthday]
Yoter We-Yoter [More and more]
Yeshnan banot [There are some girls]
Zemer shalosh ha-tshuvot