25/12/14 Dana International to sing in BBC special on 31/03/15 Ynetnews
06/08/14 Trans star Dana International: Europeans should 'shut their mouths' about Gaza PinkNews
28/12/13 Dana International searches for hot girl group with Yeshnan Banot
14/11/13 Dana International & Red Band - Big Spender
08/11/13 Dana took part in concert of "Larger Than Life" fund
30/07/13 New single and clip Ir Shlema [An Entire City]
06/06/13 New videoclip LOCA
19/05/13 In Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International House of Music gala evening dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the State of Israel with Dana International
23/04/13 Dana International presents a new single entitled What to do.
26/12/12 Dana International took part in the final program broadcast on the evening of Romania's Voice at ProTV. >>
22/10/12 Dana took part in "Kunstler gegen Aids" (Artists against AIDS) in Berlin.
08/07/12 New single of Dana International & Yardena Arazi - When men dance
18/05/12 The official Eilat Gay Pride event 2012: Temptation party. On stage: Dana International
28/04/12 International diva took a part at celebration of project completion "My Chair" and told students that despite it's colorful character she was a student at all geeky.>>
20/02/12 After weeks of rehearsals, came on the same stage battery singers (include Ninet Tayeb & Dana International) to raise funds for a guy who needs a transplant >>
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