Welcome to Unofficial Site of Dana International. She is most famous for having won the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham with the song "Diva". There are a lot of informations about her: discography, photos, articles and etc. The site was founded in April 2000.

  • 25/12/14 Dana International to sing in BBC special on 31/03/15 Ynetnews
  • 06/08/14 Trans star Dana International: Europeans should 'shut their mouths' about Gaza PinkNews
  • 28/12/13 Dana International searches for hot girl group with Yeshnan Banot

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  • She is like a fata morgana!!!
    Do these words sound familiar??? Of course. The song is 'Fata morgana' (lyrics: Yoav Ginai - music: Ethnix) which drives everyone crazy in the radio charts. A pretty blonde girl sings it. But like the Fata Morgana she is singing about, she is not exactly what we see. Yes, she is a very pretty woman indeed, but she is not really a woman. Once she was a nice guy called Yaron Cohen, and only recently she became Dana International. >>